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Ancient tantra emphasizes the integral connection between the body, energy, and consciousness, viewing the body as a sacred vessel for spiritual exploration and growth. Tantra teaches that by honouring and understanding the body, individuals can access energy, higher states of consciousness and connect with their divine essence. Through practices such as yoga, meditation, and energy work, one can awaken the body’s latent potential and integrate physical experiences with spiritual awareness, leading to a deeper understanding of the self and the universe. Ultimately, ancient tantra teaches that the body is a gateway to expanded consciousness and should be respected as a valuable tool for spiritual evolution.


Ancient tantra views energy as the fundamental essence that underlies all of existence, including the physical body and consciousness. Tantra teaches that there is a subtle energy system within the body, often referred to as prana or life force, which can be harnessed and directed to support spiritual evolution and reach higher states of consciousness. By working with practices such as breathwork, visualization, and mantra, individuals can awaken and balance this energy to remove blockages and facilitate spiritual growth. Through the cultivation and mastery of energy, ancient tantra suggests that one can expand awareness, elevate consciousness, and ultimately achieve union with the divine source of all creation.


Higher consciousness is the ultimate state of expanded awareness and connection to the universal source, energy, and wisdom. By transcending the limitations of the body and ego and tapping into the infinite potential of energy, mind, and inner spirit, we find and can experience profound states of unity and oneness with the universe. In the tantric tradition, achieving higher consciousness is seen as a crucial step in spiritual evolution, as it allows one to transcend duality and experience the interconnectedness of all creation. Through dedicated practice, self-inquiry, and devotion, practitioners of tantra aim to reach higher states of consciousness to ultimately realize their inherent divinity and unity with the cosmic source.

Welcome to Touch Experience

Why Choose Touch Experience?

At Touch Experience, I believe in the transformative power of touch and the profound journey it can ignite within you. Specializing in tantric sessions, I go beyond the ordinary to facilitate a holistic experience that nurtures both body and spirit.



With years of experience and a deep understanding of ancient tantric principles, I approach every session with the utmost professionalism and expertise.

Respect and Care

Your well-being is my priority. I create a safe, welcoming environment where you can explore and grow at your own pace.

Spiritual Growth

Tantra is not about the physical; it's about expanding consciousness and connecting with your inner self. Through my sessions, I guide you on a path of self-discovery, using music, rhythm, and symbols to deepen your meditation and enhance your spiritual growth.

Personalized Attention

I take the time to understand your unique journey and goals. You're not just another client to me; you're a valued human being deserving of my full attention and support.

Clean and Safe Space

Hygiene and comfort are paramount at Touch Experience. My facilities are meticulously maintained to ensure a clean and safe environment for your relaxation and exploration.
Get to know me

About Yair

My name is Yair Herrera, and I hail from Mexico City, Mexico. While I was raised Catholic, I found that it didn’t fully satisfy me from a young age. At 19, I transitioned to Tenrikyo, a Japanese religion, which greatly aided in my personal growth. However, as I ventured abroad and delved deeper into life’s mysteries, I sensed there was more to explore, and traditional religions no longer sufficed for me.

In 2012, I relocated to Vallarta, where I encountered Tantra through my mentor and later partner, Reinhard Bruns. He illuminated the vastness of spirituality and its ability to enrich life with love, joy, and a deeper understanding of ancient wisdom fused with modern science. Together, we collaborated for nearly 7 years until his untimely passing. Since then, I’ve committed myself to following in his footsteps, continuing our shared spiritual journey.

My mission now is to assist others in reconnecting with their inner selves, expanding their consciousness, and guiding them towards a heightened state of awareness.

woven together

What is Tantra? Spirituality

Tantra is a spiritual practice originating from ancient traditions in India. Unlike conventional paths, Tantra emphasizes the expansion of consciousness through embracing all aspects of life, including the mundane and the divine. Through practices such as meditation, breathwork, and ritual, Tantra seeks to dissolve boundaries and awaken individuals to the vastness of their inner being, leading to profound states of awareness and unity with the universe.

Learn about this tantric technique

What is Shiva’s Dance?

“Shiva´s Dance” is a tantric technique developed by the German tantric teacher Reinhard Bruns based on the ancient knowledge how to reach the spiritual world with touching the physical body. The ceremony is a passive meditation embedded in a holistic concept that rebalances the energy system, hormonal system, nerve system, lymphatic system and relaxes the muscle system as well. All physical moves on the body are following the language of our sub-consciousness: Spiritual symbols! Aromas and the vibration of music are supporting the process of slowing down the thoughts, to reach a trance where the body seems to become an instrument on which the masseur is playing – or a dance floor where Shiva is dancing on. “Shiva´s Dance” fades down the awareness of time and space and also of physical separation. All merges in a surrealistic way together to one cosmic being. At this point opens a window where stress and negative vibration can be easily replaced with the vibration of happiness and joy. Those divine moments have the power to heal the soul and to bring harmony and health into the body.

Ýour questions, our answers


In my Tantric sessions, the experience goes beyond the physical relaxation and muscle relief typically associated with traditional massage. While these sessions are deeply relaxing, their primary focus is on expanding consciousness and fostering personal awareness. Participants are guided to connect with their inner selves, cultivate high-frequency vibration/emotions such as love, gratitude, and peace, and balance their chakras. Additionally, I work with their Kundalini energy in order to facilitate profound spiritual growth. This holistic approach, encompassing both physical and spiritual dimensions, is why I refer to it as a Tantric session rather than simply a Tantric massage.

No, Neo-Tantra and traditional Tantra are not the same, although they share some common roots.

Traditional Tantra:

Origin and Philosophy: Traditional Tantra originated in India thousands of years ago and encompasses a wide range of spiritual, philosophical, and ritual practices aimed at spiritual growth and enlightenment.

Focus: It involves intricate rituals, meditation, mantra chanting, and yogic techniques to focus on transcending the physical and achieving a higher state of consciousness.


Modern Adaptation: Neo-Tantra is a modern interpretation that emerged in the West in the 20th century. It often places a greater emphasis on sexuality and uses Tantric techniques for sexual exploration and intimacy.

Focus: The primary focus is often on harnessing sexual energy for personal growth, intimacy, and enhancing relationships. While it can include spiritual elements, the emphasis is frequently on the physical and emotional aspects of sexuality.

In summary, while Neo-Tantra and traditional Tantra share some common elements, they differ significantly in their focus and practices. Traditional Tantra is a comprehensive spiritual path, while Neo-Tantra is more focused on sexual and relational aspects.

While Tantra itself is not inherently a nude practice, my sessions specifically require nudity for several important reasons.

Firstly, the nature of the bodywork necessitates access to different areas simultaneously, making it impractical to constantly cover and uncover the body.

Secondly, these sessions aim to help individuals reconnect with themselves, and accepting one’s physical body is a powerful tool in breaking long-standing societal patterns. Historically, nudity was often associated with shame and weakness, but it’s time to challenge this perception. By embracing our natural form, we learn to accept and love ourselves for who we truly are, rather than focusing on external appearances or the value of our clothing.

In today’s society, people often place undue importance on clothing brands, believing their worth is tied to their external appearance. My sessions encourage clients to understand that true value comes from within.

To foster this sense of equality and comfort, I also practice nudity during the sessions. This demonstrates that we are all equal, with no separation or levels with the intent to help clients feel more at ease and less embarrassed.

By experiencing my sessions in the nude, clients can break free from societal patterns, reconnect with their true selves, and embrace a deeper sense of self-love and acceptance.

No, Tantra is not about sexual exploration. (See FAQ about Neo-Tantra). This misconception has been around since the 1960s and 70s. Tantra is an ancient and profound philosophy designed to expand consciousness, work with Kundalini energy, and attain a state known as Non-Dual.

During a Tantric session, you may experience feelings of arousal. This is normal and certainly not uncommon. However, it is essential not to focus on these sensations. Instead, must focus and allow the energy to flow naturally from the Root Chakra upwards towards the Crown Chakra. The purpose is to let this energy rise and facilitate spiritual growth.

If one engages in sexual activity or seeks release, the energy remains in the lower chakras. This action counteracts the session’s purpose. Therefore, a genuine Tantric session does not involve release or sexual activity. The focus is on allowing the energy to rise and push up through the chakras, promoting deeper spiritual awareness and growth.

No, this session is personal and not designed to be observed as a demonstration. Simply watching without understanding the intricacies of the moves, symbols, energy work, and chakras would not convey the true essence or effectiveness of the session. Remember, Tantra is not merely a set of physical techniques; it is a profound philosophy aimed at fostering inner transformation.

The process I use is designed to guide individuals into a meditative state, calming their thoughts and facilitating experiences that go beyond the physical. Observing the session without this deeper understanding would not provide the same meaningful experience.

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