Touch Experience

Gay Tantra Vallarta - touch experience  - Türe zum Himmel

Open the door to heaven

The tantric philosophy offers amazing revelations. The most known aspect of this philosophy, in the western world, is the tantric massage. While the most traditions set in isolated meditation use a tantric oriented massage physical contact in order to reach a state of rapture.

The team of “touch experience” stands for high quality massages focused on the secrets and symbols of the old eastern philosophy. Our body work is an engagement with massage, healing, body sensation and eroticism. We orient as close as possible to the authentic idea of the Indian tantric tradition and merge oriental and western massage techniques together to an unusual, holistic body experience.

This kind of massage is not just a physical experience but also a meditation, art, and acrobatics endowed with a huge power of healing. Tantric rituals enhance all of the FIVE senses, fading down the feelings of time and space and such taking consciousness to a state of euphoria and trance. It´s a fascinating, sustainable body experience, far beyond the physical border, able to open the door to heaven for a short time - exciting, exhilarating, enchanting and mystical!

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