Tantric Technique






Through the body to the soul

All Indian Teachings have one thing in common: to reach a higher consciousness! Tantra is the only philosophy that uses physical contact in order to overcome individual consciousness in a sacral act of reconnection with the “super consciousness”. “Shiva´s Dance” is a tantric technique developed by the German tantric teacher Reinhard Bruns based on the ancient knowledge how to reach the spiritual world with touching the physical body. The ceremony is a passive meditation and a holistic concept that rebalances the energy system, hormonal system, nerve system, lymphatic system and relaxes the muscle system as well. All physical moves on the body are following the language of our sub-consciousness: Spiritual symbols! Aromas and the vibration of music are supporting the process of speeding down the thoughts, to reach a trance where the body seems to become an instrument on which the masseur is playing – or a dance floor where Shiva is dancing on. “Shiva´s Dance” fades down the awareness of time and space and also of physical separation. All merges in a surrealistic way together to one cosmic being. On this point opens a window where stress and negative vibration can get easily replaced with the vibration of happiness and joy. Those divine moments have the power to heal the soul and to bring harmony and health into the body.

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