Tantric Massage

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Somewhere between heaven and earth

Shiva embodies the masculine principle and is one of the most revered deities in the Indian tradition. He is the god of dance. He stands for creation, a new beginning, conservation but also for destruction. Shiva is the ruler of the physical world and expresses himself in many facets of the duality. We perceive his world via our FIVE senses. A tantric massage reflects Shiva's world of sensory stimuli.

No active intervention is being necessary; just follow the perception of the sensual touch during a passive meditation. These touches penetrate deeply into the soul and affect the erotic world of senses. Sensory stimuli are used as a tool to bring the body's energy field to a higher vibration and the hormonal balance to a higher level. The purpose here is to establish an internal connection with the sensitive texture of our world. The masseur symbolizes the medium facilitating this connection. He is the intermediary between mother earth (Shakti) and father heaven (Shiva).

You experience moments of total tranquility and dive directly into the deepest recesses of body and soul. It is a fusion with the cosmos. You are floating almost effortlessly between space and time, and removing yourself more and more from everyday┤s life┤s concerns and current thoughts.

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