Tantra - Ancient Knowledge of Body/Soul Reconnection

Tantra belongs to one of the 8 Yogi Paths based on more than 5000 years old Indian wisdom and knowledge. Yoga is philosophy and science but above all a holistic life style – an attempt to align with the divine source to bring balance, enlightenment and peace into life. Every Yoga path approaches this goal from another angle. Well known in the western world is “Hatha” Yoga. Even after our modern culture diluted and reduced it on its “Asanas” (postures) there is still scientific proof of its health benefits. Tantra Yoga got hit even worst - it is mostly misunderstood, underestimated and even reinterpreted in a sexual sense (Neotantra). Classic Tantra uses symbolic diagrams Yantras for meditation to represent the geometric aspect of the cosmic creation. Yantras are physical expressions of Mantras. Chanting sacred syllables or Sanskrit words in meditation worships the divine and induces an altered state of consciousness. A tantric massage is another stream using physical touch in order to expand awareness and consciousness. We developed a concept that brings consequently all these aspects together. “Shiva´s Dance” is a technique that combines the essence of Yantras and Mantras in form of symbolic moves in synchronization with vibration of music during a passive meditation. Fractal motion sequences calming the brain waves pattern into an Alpha and Theta level what leads into trance, where the door to the sub conscious mind opens. These moments of reconnection with the inner worlds let you surrender into cosmic consciousness. Shiva´s Dance is a profound holistic treatment, liberation with the power to release blockades - capable to replace negative frequencies with joy, bliss and peace.

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