Shiva´s Dance

Tantra Vallarta - touch experience - Shivas Dance

When Shiva is dancing

As long Shiva keeps dancing the world is moving. His rhythmic play is the source of all movement within the cosmos. His cosmic dance on the demon of ignorance, releases the countless souls of men from the snare of illusion.

Our tantric massage “Shiva´s Dance” is based on Shiva´s aspect of physical and spiritual Dance in the center of our heart. You may expect a unique interplay between body, move, rhythm and music in the nude during a passive meditation. “Shiva´s Dance” is a ritual ballet with hands on the body. This dance is relaxing, energizing, full of surprises and peppered with unusual body sensations. It is perfectly holistic oriented, health-promoting and by the way a declaration of love to the human body.

“Dance of Shiva” is available as a 2 hand massage, as a synchronized 2 hand couple massage and also as a synchronized 4 hand massage version. 4 hand massages (2 therapists at one table) are absolute unique and more than just a touch experience; it is “total touch”. We are the only massage team with a synchronized 4 hand concept for a tantric massage. This kind of massage is demanding, leaves the physical boundaries, expands the consciousness and opens the unconsciousness with moments of hallucination and delusion in an underwater world of music.

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