Casa del Árbol






A peaceful place, hidden in the nature of Vallarta

Casa del Árbol is a little corner of heaven, surrounded by nature and protected by an over 400 years old graceful tree. Its shade-giving, spreading branches and twigs embrace the entire area and dives it in a haze of overflowing peace and silence.

Fed by highly oscillating energy from the 8th vortex of Vallarta´s Ley Line Casa del Árbol is truly a magnificent place with a breathtaking view onto the “Sierra Madre” and over the Pacific with the city to its feet. The electromagnetic energy field of Vallarta´s “sacred” Ley Line is pure and undisturbed. This place with its health promoting atmosphere activates deep spiritual initiation processes and harmonization of emotional imbalances. A person in search of relaxation, recovering, health or just a break from stress and daily concerns can find here new energy, a source of inspiration and a key to restore body and soul.

Casa del Árbol is the home of Touch Experience since December 2013. Our mission: Healing - Reconnecting - Opening the consciousness.This powerful place is the perfect environment to materialize our goals.

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